Ethan Fawkes is an oldschool rave techno and EBM DJ producer, based in Tilff, Belgium. He’s known for his charismatic presence and combat ready style on stage, comfortably playing anywhere from raves to clubs or shows and festival stages with his signature sound which is a masterclass in unmistakably powerful and personal tracks. His unique vision and tireless work ethic are evidenced by a growing catalogue of original EPs, LPs and remixes for top international labels, winning the respect of his peers, the adoration of fans, and the full attention of DJs and dance floors worldwide.

Growing up in the 80's and 90’s, his passion for music starts at 10 years old with New beat, EBM followed by Belgian Techno. 

Next years he loved listening to grunge and metal bands like Nirvana and Sepultura. This inspired him to learn the guitar. He then got engulfed into 90’s rave, techno, EBM, electro, acidcore, industrial and dark ambient music which ultimately led him to accumulate hardware to fuel this new electronic fire within.

Inspired by these sounds and from the huge influence of his favourite artists like The Horrorist, Al Ferox, Nitzer Ebb, Apotheosis (Luke Riga), T99, Quadrophonia and Mark Archer (Altern 8), he started DJing around 1995 and eventually creating his own brand of menace in 2001.

Since he started producing his releases have appeared on many outstanding labels including Dancefloor Killers, Kobayashi Recordings, Qubiq Records, Fresh Cut, I-Traxx Red Edition and Bombtrap.

Ethan’s production skills are so insane that he’s been relentlessly recruited to remix artists including The Horrorist, Al Ferox, Clemens Neufeld, Millimetric and Diarmaid O Meara. Frequent collaborations with artists like Danny Casseau often take form and his guest vocals appear on various other releases.

New projects are "Nu Body Records" EBM label run with Fabrice Torricella and "Ethan Fawkes No Label" for self releases cds and vinyls.

In 2022 Ethan released an EP in collaboration with Jean Bruce on Tripalium Rave Series and one in collaboration with Dreadfool on Nu Body Records, and in 2023 a remix ep of his hit "Belgium Is Back" on N9 Multimedia Lab.

Since Ethan has always had a great passion for rock, he started his podcast Grunge Rock Mix which takes place 3 times a year.