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ETHAN FAWKES' signature sound is a master-class of Techno, Electro, Acid, EBM and Industrial: powerful but unmistakably personal songs by a prolific producer and remixer/ singer-songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist live performer and disc jockey. Ethan's unique vision and tireless work ethic are evidenced by a growing catalogue of original EPs, LPs and remixes for top international acts as well as emerging artists. He is winning the respect of peers, the adoration of fans and the full attention of deejays and dance floors worldwide. Growing up in the 90s he loved grunge and metal bands like Faith No More, Nirvana, or Sepultura, who inspired him to learn the bass and electric guitar. Then he got into Acid Core and had to get hardware. Today Ethan Fawkes is known for his charismatic presence and combat-ready style, comfortably playing anywhere from raves to club shows or festival stages.

A selection of Ethan Fawkes recent discography starts with "Don't Decide For Me" for the compilation "Till Dawn Do Us Part 09" on Dead By Dawn Records (2009.) In 2010 he remixed Krystal System and Acylum for Alfa Matrix label and  "Schizophrenic 2002 to 2007" self released album. Later he did remixes for Chemical Sweet Kid, For Greater Good, Virus Cycle, Subliminal Noize, Anamorphosis and Hermaxiss. In 2013 Dancefloor Killers put out his track "Kill us" as well as "Live In" on the compilation Dance 4 Syria. He also contributed remixes of Implant, The Horrorist, Lovelorn Dolls, Dolls Of Pain, Chemical Sweet Kid and Di*ove, and a 'featuring' vocal on the new album from Totem Obscura vs Acylum. In 2014 Ethan signed to four of the best underground indie labels: Dancefloor Killers, Tailwhip Records, Club Poison and I-Traxx Red Edition. These releases included the album "Symptom Of Apocalypse", two new EPs-- "There's A Place For You" and "All Your Lies"-- and new remixes for Angeldust, VV303, Al Ferox,
Slapdash Guzzler, Lado, Grandchaos, Azlack and Delectro. He also had original tracks on Killers Hits From Hell VII and X on Dancefloor Killers and another on a compilation on Crysella Records. In 2015 Ethan has dropped "From The Chaos Night" on Tailwhip Records, "One Night-Waive At Me" and "Break The Hope" on I-Traxx Red Edition, "Asylum" on Dancefloor Killers, "War In My Mind" on Club Poison, "Random Bass" on collaboration with Danny Casseau on I-Traxx Red Edition, "Obscure melancholy" on Subwoofer Records, "Fierce" on Gobsmacked Records, "Corrosive" on Kobayashi Recordings, remixes of Chemical Sweet Kid, Clemens Neufeld, Fabrice Torricella, Paintbox.x, SFX Dj and Chit Chat Sex Band and also a vocal feat on the album "Pest" of Acylum.
2016 was a big year with 9 eps on Electric Pressure, Fresh Cut, Qubiq Records, Morforecs, Dos Tonos Records, Feinwerk, MFM Records, Tailwhip Records, a split ep with Al Ferox on Dancefloor Killers and a new track on the ADE Sampler 2016 on Driving Forces Recordings.
2017 starts with 10 new eps on Fnoob Digital, new label of Fnoob Radio, Otomo Trax, I-Traxx Red Edition, Gobsmacked Rec, Herr Zimmerman, Qubiq Records, Survival Alliance Records and Advanced, and also the new album "Dance on Your Grave" on I-Traxx Red Edition.