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Future Dates

05.10.19 Sweat Lodge Party with Ethan Fawkes, Le Crabe,  Gambass - Reves Ephemeres, Discord, Les Fantastiks, Le Fils Du Tourisme b2b DJ Shaman Boil and LR - Françoise Pagan feat Salade tomate oignon et PHOTO RATÉE @ Nantes, France

Past Dates

11.05.19 Quarantine Module with Forward Strategy Group, Ethan Fawkes, Foundry Glasgow, Paulitical, VOH, MARCUS THERØN, Michael Risi @ Lunacy Module, Glasgow, Scotland

03.03.19 Jaded Rave Edition with Ethan Fawkes Stephanie Sykes, Raymundo Rodriguez, Rene Wise with Kerker & Szeir @ Corsica Studios, London, UK

12.01.19 Ethan Fawkes, AHC and Caroil @ Kablys+ Club, Vilnius, Lithuania

30.06.18 Deleritas Events present:
Chemical Sweet Kid, Nihiliste, PPlo + afterparty Ethan Fawkes and Trioxin @ Le Garage Creative Music, Liège (B)

02.06.18 BNK  2nd Anniversary @ Paris (Fr)
Ethan Fawkes, Blind Delon, Blush Response & Katran, CJ Bolland & D. Carbone, Darzack & Madoff G, Dersee, Dj Pierre, Headstrong (Clouds & Randomer), JoeFarr b2b J. Tijn, Juan Atkins, Marko Nastic & Dave Angel, Najel Monteiro, Nostromo live (SΛRIN & Unhuman), Size Pier, Symmetrical Behaviour (VSK & Conrad Van Orton), Volition Immanent, Violet Poison.

17.03.18 KAMER ZES pres Temple Of A Thousand Years @ Minus One, Gent (B)
Ethan Fawkes, Pawlowski, Incident Prism, Spastik b2b Prizrak, and Tony Hoffman

03.03.18 Larva, Nihiliste, Deleritas, Super Dragon Punch!! + after party Ethan Fawkes dj set @ La Zone, Liège (B) 

18.11.17 Akalotz, Combat Voice, Nihiliste, Ethan Fawkes, Dj Gondrand + Ethan Fawkes new album "Dance On Your Grave" release party @ Le Garage Creative Music, Liège (B)

01.04.17 Dolls Of Pain, Stin Scatzor, Nihiliste, Deleritas, Ethan Fawkes @ La Zone, Liège (B)

26.11.16 Akalotz, Nihiliste, Ethan Fawkes, Elm, @ Le Garage Creative Music, Liège (B)

17.09.16 Cj Bolland, Ethan Fawkes and more @ Sunfield Festival, Westerlo (B)

03.09.16 Trax-x, Noseda, Ethan Fawkes, J'Spirit, Miss Tiapy @ Le Garage Creative Music, Liège (B)

09.04.16 Combat Voice, Chemical Sweet Kid, Nihiliste, Ethan Fawkes, Lobo-K @ La Zone, Liège (B)

.02.16 Ethan Fawkes, Dirty Basscore, Marco Stylez, Sashbo, Christopher Ruff, Sandra Carey,  Andrew Martin, Paranormal-Shyguy Aka Semog, Kirsty Sutherland, and Klinkenberg at Out Of Control, Melusina, Luxembourg (LU)

.02.16 D'Arcangelo, Paintbox.x & VJ R-Cut, Ethan Fawkes, Urban Toonz, Bioxyd, Nell and Alf at Live Club, Liège (B)

5.09.15 Dolls Of Pain, Anamorphosis, Under All, Ethan Fawkes @ Le Garage Creative Music, Liège (B)

9.08.15 Ethan Fawkes, Project Pitchfork, Klangstabil and more at Infest Festival, Bradford (UK)

24.04.15 Ethan Fawkes, Noseda
, Lia Organa, Chip Verco, K Enchantment, Mario
@ Darkroom Night, Popcorn Vinylstore, Roeselare (B)

02.04.15 Electrodark LXXVIII, Electron Festival, Genève (CH)
Ethan Fawkes, Vigilante, Herr Liebe, Boys Noize, Dj Edjotronic, Housemeister, Sqarepusher, Dj Funk, The Hacker, Lil'Louis...

28.03.15 Darkest Night, Aix En Provence (FR)
Ethan Fawkes, Vigilante, Darktek, Shiv-R, Terror Terror...

28.02.15 Larva, Anamorphosis, A7IE, Ethan Fawkes, Dj Pute Acier  @ la Zone, Liège (B)

21.02.15 Rock Village @ Horion Hozémon (B)
Paintbox.x & Vj R-Cut, Ethan Fawkes, Alchemia, Madness Bamboo

14.02.15 Ethan Fawkes @ Stigmata Club, Madrid (Sp)

31.01.15 K-Bereit, Anamorphosis, Ethan Fawkes
@ Wommellive Electro, JH Wommel, Wommelgem (B)

7.12.14 Combat Voice, Ethan Fawkes, Onyx, Jaric @ Le Garage Creative Music, Liège (B)

29.11.14 Anamorphosis, Ethan Fawkes, VV303, dj Lordbone @
cinéPalace, Kortrijk (B)

15.11.14 Miss Tiapy B-Day 30 ans @ Insideout, Liège (B) Ethan Fawkes, Miss Tiapy, Slim Khemiri, J'Spirit, Nocid, Erika, Orbital Diffuzzer

08.11.14 Vuduvox, Ethan Fawkes @ La Belle Vue, Espierres (B)

07.11.14 Dive, The Juggernauts, Pute-Acier, Ethan Fawkes, Bioxyd et Nocid, Das Schlautz La Zone, Liège (B)

31.10.14 Halloween @ Le Garage Creative Music, Liège (B)
K-Bereit, Chemical Sweet Kid, Ethan Fawkes, Onyx vs Dreadfool

05.07.14 Aixperiment Festival, Aix Sur Cloie (B)
Trish Van Eynde, Ethan Fawkes, Mariovitch, Hugo HP, Bodylektro, Nat-H Lee...

14.06.14 Brothers And Friends Birthday Party Chapter VII @ Faymonville/Waimes (B)
Body Electric, Vuduvox, Ethan Fawkes

31.05.14 Anamorphosis, Ethan Fawkes
@ Manoir Pub, Saint Maurice (CH)

17.05.14 Anamorphosis, Ethan Fawkes, Opium, Dj Mouths Des @ Pub La Republique, Homecourt (FR)

10.05.14 Anamorphosis, Ethan Fawkes @ Le Garage Café, Cambrai (FR)

03.05.14 Chemical Sweet Kid, Anamorphosis, Under All, Ethan Fawkes @ L'Excalibur, Reims (FR)

19.04.14 Industrial Party #9  @ Le Lucifer, Bordeaux (FR)
Mind Driller, Ethan Fawkes + Dark Line Spectrum

12.04.14 IC 434, Anamorphosis, Chemical Sweet Kid, Ethan Fawkes, Lobo-K @ La Zone, Liège (B)

05.04.14 15 Years Mysterium @ Cazan (FR)
The Horrorist, [X]-RX, K-Bereit, Ethan Fawkes, Calling Of Lorme, Frrnt Et Ses Chiens Galleux, La Serenade

21.03.14 I-Traxx Label Night @ Boca A Boca, Pamplona (Sp)
Ethan Fawkes, Chit Chat Sex Band, Aitor Burgui, Miss Elektra

08.02.14 Anamorphosis, Ethan Fawkes, Opium, Dj Mouths Des @ No Man's Land, Volmerange-Les-Mînes (FR)

31.01.14 Anamorphosis, Ethan Fawkes @ Le Star, Binche (B)

14.12.13 A7IE, Hermaxiss, Paintbox.x, Ethan Fawkes @ Fulmar 1913, Bruxelles (B)

07.12.13 K-Bereit, Anamorphosis, Ethan Fawkes, Dj Lordbone
@ cinéPalace, Kortrijk (B)

30.11.13 Anamorphosis, Ethan Fawkes @ Ba'Rock Café, Sedan (FR)

09.11.13 Dark Discharge, Le Visiteur, Lille (FR)
K-Bereit, Anamorphosis, Ethan Fawkes

25.10.13 Natura Bar @ Pesches/Couvin (B)
Ethan Fawkes, Reject

19.10.13 Dolls Of Pain, Di*ove, Ethan Fawkes, Lady Irene vs Onyx vs Dreadfool @ Le garage Creative Music, Liège (B)

21.09.13 Ethan Fawkes @ Au Coin Du Bar, Tournai B

.07.13 Ethan Fawkes @ Festival Chauffer Dans La Noirceur
Montmartin Sur Mer (FR)

15.06.13 VV303, Hermaxiss, Anamorphosis, Ethan Fawkes at Sodom, Tongeren

07.06.13 Dark Friday at Fulmar 1913 Bruxelles (B)
K-Bereit, Larva, Vuduvox, Anamorphosis, Ethan Fawkes, Deviland Shy

11.05.13 Ethan Fawkes, Lady Irene
at Le Mezcalito Nancy (Fr)

12.04.13 Iszoloscope, Anamorphosis, Ethan Fawkes, Paintbox.x vs Balout, Axhan Sonn at Le Garage Creative Music, Liège

06.04.13 Shade Fest 2, Le Lucifer, Bordeaux (FR)
Combat Voice, Ethan Fawkes, Vivid Atmosphere, The Doctors, DJ Andreea

05.04.13 Industrial Party @ Le Cri De La Mouette Toulouse (FR)
Combat Voice + Ethan Fawkes, DJ Lobo K

04.04.13 Ethan Fawkes @ L'Intermédiaire, Marseille (FR)

23.02.13 Electro Industrial Night at La Zone Liège
K-Bereit, Anamorphosis, Ethan Fawkes, Hermaxiss, Lady Irene, Maestro

02.02.13 Dunkel Frekenz @ Dock 412 Marrange Silvange (FR)
Chemical Sweet Kid, Ethan Fawkes, Dj Electro Demenz, Dj Darkthought

25/26.01.13 Nuit Cyberclash n°11 @ La Rumeur, Lille (FR)
K-Bereit, Vuduvox, A Thousand Societies, Ethan Fawkes, Anamorphosis, Psychosomatik

24.11.12 Trimetrick, Anamorphosis, VV303, Ethan Fawkes @ Bateau Ivre Mons

03.11.12 Oubliette @ Flora Theatre Delft (NL)
K-Bereit, Ethan Fawkes

27.10.12 Empusae, Chemical Sweet Kid, Anamorphosis, Ethan Fawkes, Lady Irene @ Fulmar Bruxelles

20.10.12 Knovel DJ Party @ InsideOut Liège
Ethan Fawkes, Marine, 20-100, Nico Grombeer, SweetSpanker, Georges VanLuik, Lowrent

8.10.12 K-Bereit, Ethan Fawkes, DJ Globul @ Rockerill Charleroi

22.09.12 IC 434, Ethan Fawkes, Lady Irene @ Bateau Ivre Mons

10.08.12 Knovel DJ Summer Party @ InsideOut Liège
Homme Studio + Ethan Fawkes + Wetness + Lowrent + 20-100 + Georges Van Luik

29.06.12 K-Bereit, Groupe T, Ethan Fawkes @ Métal Café Lyon (FR)

23.06.12 Dolls Of Pain, Chemical Sweet Kid, Ethan Fawkes @ Bateau Ivre Mons

09.06.12 Anamorphosis, Ethan Fawkes @ Magick Namur

26.05.12 Belgium Electro Fest @ Frontline Gent
Psy'Aviah, Modern Cubism, K-Bereit, Anamorphosis, Ethan Fawkes, VV303

30.04.12 Aralunaires 2012 Tour Jupiter Arlon
IC 434, Dolls Of Pain, K-Bereit, Ethan Fawkes

31.03.12 Knovel Birthday Party @ InsideOut Liège
Laurent De La Rive Gauche, Fractional, Homme Studio, Ethan Fawkes, D-Geez, MH2O, Squids, Cosmoplum, Consonnes, Marine, Nico Grombeer, Wetness, Lowrent, 20-100

10.03.12 Anamorphosis, Humatronic, Shredding, Ethan Fawkes @ La Zone Liège

25.02.12 K-Bereit, Ethan Fawkes, Organic @ Music Club B52 Eernegem

29.01.12 Dolls Of Pain, K-Bereit, Ethan Fawkes, Lady Irene @ Insideout Liège

17.12.11 Industrial Noise Party @ La Zone
Synapscape, Dazzling Malicious, Hermaxiss, Ethan Fawkes

09.12.11 DFC Crescendo @ InsideOut Liège
Carbon 14, Lewis Carter, Ethan Fawkes, Slim Khemiri, Supertrump

26.11.11 Last Sight Ambient Night @ La Zone, Liège
special ambient DJ set
Empusae, For Greater Good, Paintbox-x, Aiwass Prophet, Ethan Fawkes, DJ Krasius

22.10.11 Alfa-Matrix Night @ Inside Out Boat, Liège
Krystal System, Psy'Aviah, Ethan Fawkes

04.09.11 Industrial Afternoon @ InsideOut Liège
Anamorphosis, Llumen, Letzte Krankheit, Ethan Fawkes, sam devos

27.08.11 Dark Mind One @ The Bunker of Vielsalm
Pangean Dreams, vv303, Ethan Fawkes

20.08.11 Dead By Dawn & Belgium Electro Night @ Kompas St-Niklaas
Implant, The Chemical Sweet Kid, Pangean Dreams, Trimetrick, Ethan Fawkes, DJ Ash, T-CM

30.07.11 Underground Nation Militant EBM Industrial Edition @ Inside Out Boat, Liège
IC 434, Psy'Aviah, Mono Electronic Density, Ethan Fawkes, Lost, vv303, Geert de Wilde (IC 434) DJ set

19.03.11 Underground Nation Militant meet Underground Libération @ Inside Out Boat, Liège
Ritzi Lee, Tokio Robots, Georges Van Luik, Kozak, Flytox, Ethan Fawkes

29.12.10 Electro Night Live @ Pot Au Lait, Liège
Mono Electronic Density, NTRSN, Ethan Fawkes

25.09.10 Underground Nation Militant Meet Subject Detroit @ Inside Out Boat, Liège
Trish Van Eynde, Klaina, Xentrix, Kristof P. VS Flytox, Ethan Fawkes, The Kameleon, Randy Disher Project
17.07.10 Soirée Musique Electronique @ The Bunker of Vielsalm
Ethan Fawkes Paintbox-x Flytox The Kameleon